Commercial Mediation

Most commercial mediations arise from the failure of one side to honour a commitment leaving the other affected party aggrieved by the situation, this breach of trust or contract may arise for may reasons from non- payment of invoices or failure to deliver goods or services on time. By opting to use a mediator/negotiator to do the introductory assessment you can gauge if this type of dispute has any chance of being resolved by mediation. Some people feel so strongly that mediation will never work and the only place to resolve such issues is then the courts. However before beginning the court process as a business owner you may want to consider both your company and your staff before exposing yourself to possible serious costs arising from litigation. When a mediator/negotiator is initially involved it has the potential to greatly reduce the risk of cost and may greatly increase the chances of both sides doing business in the future. As with all mediations/negotiations this is a totally confidential process and is strictly without prejudice at all times.

It’s never too late to mediate

Our Services

Our aim is to provide our clients with a professional mediation service with an end goal of achieving an amicable solution that is beneficial to all parties involved. Our main client base is varied from homeowners having difficulty engaging with their bank and may be facing home repossessions, to employer / employee disputes or businesses dealing with Vulture funds / creditors or facing receivers or the Sheriff.


No matter how far things progress

it's never too late to mediate.

Mediation is a confidential and private way of solving disputes. Please contact us for more details.

We are pleased to announce that in addition to our Dublin office we have also secured a new five year lease for an office in the Southern region located at 27 Wellington Road, Cork City...more details to follow


Certified by the Mediators Institute of Ireland



Amicable Mediation Solutions is a service provider that supplies mediation to a wide range of clients and deals with a wide range of issues. We only deal with mediation and will not under any circumstances provide any legal advice or draft any legal documents.

We are a mediation company that will take your instruction and mediate on your behalf. Should you require legal advice we can connect you with one of our qualified solicitor partners.

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